Companies are Facing Two Main Challenges

Innovating in a
Changing Environment

The path from a good idea to a commercially viable and successful product has become stagnant and complacent in many companies. Companies continue to stick to their traditional R&D methods. But at the same time, agile start-ups are increasingly taking away market shares from established players and undermining their business models.


The challenge:
How do we innovate in a vastly different environment and still earn profits in the future?

Transformation of
Organization & Culture

In times of change and uncertainty, where markets and products move rapidly, traditional leadership styles and strategies are becoming less and less effective. Organizations need to be flexible, adaptive and innovative in order to survive and seize opportunities in this changing environment. his change towards such an innovative culture become essential for survival.


The challenge:
How do we provide and empower our employees with new skills?

GAMMA will help you find the answers for your company.
From the start to finish, but never using a template-based approach. And much more sustainable than with other consultancies - because we ensure that everything you learn from us has a lasting impact.

Our Philosophy

Enabling and empowering our clients, not billing them indefinitely!

We don’t prolong or create artificial problems or measure our project success by how many hours we billed. But we do care about accomplishing great work and delivering great value!

We see ourselves as trusted advisors, and more importantly, doers along your whole innovation journey. We don’t simply show you how things are done, but actually DO the work ourselves and get our hands dirty with you. We make sure we provide you with everything you need for innovation to happen - from start to finish.


Our Services

Innovation Workshops

With creative workshop we draw on the collective knowledge and creativity of the crowd to generate new business models and utilize the power of Lean Design Thinking and the Lean-Startup Approach.

Startup Scouting

Not only do we live and work in Berlin, we also have a very good network within in the start-up ecosystem. This enables us to analyze market trends, emerging technologies at an early stage or simply to search relevant start-ups in your industry like no other.

Lean Strategy

How do you develop a (digital) strategy when you don't even know what the future holds? Many companies struggle to define their objectives and the way forward because technology and markets are developing so rapidly. We help you get to a clear strategy that works in such an environment.

Skill Acquisition

Empowering the digital mindset and skills of your people to let them thrive in uncertainty. Fostering structures and capabilities to create the right environment to innovate.

Innovation Labs

We can help you setup and create your own “Innovation Lab” to help kickstart and boost your innovation within your specific organizational context.

Lean Innovation

We utilize an agile Build-Test-Learn culture of rapid prototype development to accelerate your innovation process to develop, validate and iterate your products, services and business models to see which is viable and successful.

China Innovation Safari

Many look up to Silicon Valley as a source of inspiration. But real progress can be found in Asia, especially in China. China remains in the top spot, over-taking the rest of the world. Experience one of the most innovative markets in the world up close.

Keynote Event

A keynote is much more than just a presentation. A good keynote is if it inspires people to change. Most strategy events are well-intentioned, but not very effective. After a few days, most of the momentum has evaporated. This can be done better! We help you - even after the keynote!


We also offer you projects ranging from the introduction of innovation methodologies all the way to empowering your entire organization to become more innovative. Whether you want to quickly test new business models for their their potential, or to help your company become more innovative in the long term, we're always there at your side.

Learn how we can help your company

What Makes us Diffferent?

Your Active Participation is Part of our Model

A successful transformation process requires your active participation and we regard it as a prerequisite. Without your cooperation we will not be successful. We deliberately chose this model.

Agile out of Conviction

We purposely forgo well-paid jobs for well-known consultancies, because we are convinced that our agile structure is the key to customer success. How should we preach 'agility' if we ourselves act as a traditional organizational?

We are Entrepreneurs Ourselves

Have you ever noticed how many employed consultants want to tell you all about entrepreneurship? We actually practice what we preach.

Access to Top Talents

Through our unique setup, we have access to people who do not work for classic consultancies, as they are entrepreneurs themselves because of their track record and experience.

Elke Eckstein
Elke Eckstein
COO & CDO of the Weidmüller Group

We chose GAMMA Digital & Beyond out several established vendors, because their approach and their unconventional way of thinking proved to be superior. You can tell that they are very familiar with the specific challenges that small & medium-sized companies, like ourselves, have.

We were very impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit, but also their flexibility in which GAMMA has responded to new insights and the challenges of our daily operations.

Speed, the right combination of structure and creativity as well as economically viable results - everything you would want from a successful project. Without GAMMA we would never have got this far in such a short period.