In dieser Episode werde ich erklären warum die digitale Transformation nichts mit Technologie zu tun hat und die meisten Mittelständler mehr Mut benötigen, das zu nutzen, was sie bereits haben. Ein Appell an den deutschen Mittelstand.
How is almost everyone around misusing the term “disruption” and how have they been misapplying it for years? Why Uber is not disruptive and how to you really determine if an idea or startup has any disruptive potential at all? This, and more in the episode.
In this episode we will explore: - Why companies are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to “digital transformation. - Why the over-reliance on technology can massively hurt your company... ...and more.
This episode #000 includes: what this podcast is all about, and what you, as a listener can expect from this podcast, what my background is and what qualifies me, as the host, to speak about these topics, and finally what you should NOT expect from our podcast?